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    [ Tineri romani in Germania ]
  • "Adrian Copilu' Minune la CNN" de nicu
    Divertisment Adrian Copilu' Minune a ajus subiect de articol la CNN Entertainment. Cat de mult inseamna acest lucru pentru imaginea Romaniei vom vedea in viitor, insa articolul este interesant mai ales din punct de vedere al analizei pe care o fac cei de la CNN artistului.

    MAMAIA, Romania (AP) -- Adrian Simionescu, 4 feet, 7 inches tall, is a giant in the world of Romanian pop.

    Now 27, he began singing when he was 9. And his sheer energy and drive has made him a household name -- Adrian the Wonder Child -- despite being a Gypsy, a big stigma in Romania.

    Simionescu gets top billing at concerts along the popular Black Sea coast and at festivals in the Carpathian Mountains.

    Fresh from a performance at an international music festival in Transylvania, Simionescu traveled 375 miles to the Black Sea recently for a gig at an open-air theater called the Albatross. He performed in a typically vivid get-up -- a blood-red American designer shirt, white pants and scarlet sneakers.

    Four tunes into his set, the adoring crowd showered him with white gladioli, red roses -- and gratitude.

    "He is a simple guy who didn't forget his roots," said 27-year-old Ionica Anghel, who paid the equivalent of $10 -- a tenth of the average monthly salary in Romania -- on a single red rose for the man called the king of Gypsy pop. "He expresses what we all feel in our hearts."

    Zipping down the coastal highway at high speeds later in one of his seven cars, Simionescu and his driver, manager and confidant, Gicu Constantin, hummed melodies en route to his next concert, where he was greeted with yet another eruption of adoration.

    Articolul complet il gasiti aici .

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    Adrian Copilu' Minune la CNN

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